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Plans to cut teenage pregnancies ‘sinister’ – The Times

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The curse of the university sex pests – The Times

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Teacher jailed for affair with pupil aged 15 – The Times

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Teacher ban over sex texts to pupil – The Sun

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Prostitutes and the recession: How David Cameron’s cuts are affecting British women – The Independent

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The sex industry like most others is feeling the effects of the credit crunch. But in a grim role-reversal, it’s not the booming industry that’s suffering but its workers. As the cost of living rises and wages remain ruefully stagnant, increasing numbers of women have turned to prostitution in order to support themselves.

Its lucrative potential to put a meal on a plate or a bill in an envelope has meant that from the depths of these Dickensian hard times re-emerges the archaic truism: women are driven to prostitution by economic misfortune.

I spoke to a member of the English Collective of Prostitutes (ECP) which campaigns for the protection and decriminalisation of prostitutes, without endorsing or morally sanctioning prostitution itself. They told me that in light of Mr. Cameron’s cuts, “every time there’s a benefit cut, it forces women onto the game.”

The sucker-punch effects of the economic climate and the scathing cuts to welfare and benefits are even driving many women who had left the trade and turned their lives around to return in order to feed their families. As one travelling sex-worker who works with the ECP explains, “Prostitution is certainly not the worst job I have ever had. I have worked on the fish market and as a cleaner where I was working for people who didn’t care if we were cold or tired or how we were spoken to. I was fed up of being a cleaner, bar maid and shop assistant, often all on the same day.”

There is a gross misconception about prostitution in the UK; about what type of person a prostitute is, and who could never be one. Many have been thrown out of their homes, raped, and are not yet old enough to claim benefits. Many others are women who are forced to supplement their incomes. As the think-tank The Resolution Foundation reported in October 2011, more than one in five employees earn less than a “living wage”.

Another member of the ECP’s network, a part-time street worker, blames benefit cuts and job losses for driving women onto the game, along with negative stereotyping for the lack of awareness surrounding prostitution today: “Everybody has their own view of what a prostitute is. In reality it is your sister, your neighbour, your mother, that has struggled to feed, clothe, heat a home and provide a safe environment for the people she loves. This is becoming more apparent with all the benefit cuts and job losses. The reason it has been so well hidden is because of the criminality of it. That is it.”

Most sex workers are mothers who think “just this once”, “just this week” to cover a heating bill or make something a bit special to eat. Then we get stuck in something we can never get out of. I never thought the first time I went out that I would still be here at my age. Now I have a record so can’t get another job. It was because I care that I did go on the street.” Read the rest of this entry »

The Soapbox: Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises reminds us sex still sells – Mancunian Matters

In Film Reviews on November 4, 2012 at 4:40 pm

MM’s writers get the chance to air their views in our new regular rant column. Comment is free on the soapbox – MM has no control over what topics our writers choose to as targets…

Okay, no one is talking about it.

People of England, remember how irritated you were by Anne Hathaway’s terrible attempt to imitate a Yorkshire accent whilst playing Emma Morley in 2011’s epic romance film, One Day? Remember her schizophrenic, oral journey through England as ‘bath’ could become ‘barrrth in the space of once scene?

Hathaway was criticised for being cast as the plain, dumpy and relatable Emma Morely because she was too American and too pretty. And yet, despite her attempts to prove herself as ugly and English and her extensive research of Yorkshire life by watching Emmerdale and the best vocal training money can buy, she was terrible.

Judging by the backlash of stern British distaste at her performance, director Lone Scherfig probably should have gone with a home-girl instead. Such a performance as Hathaway’s, could tar the career of an A-list Hollwood star.

Let us not forget how it is notoriously difficult it is (and hilarious it is for us) for our friends across the pond to master the British accent – think Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins, Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe in the Robin Hood films and of course, Mike Myers as Austen Powers and Fat Bastard and the stick they all got.

Well, Hathaway’s uttering of such sentences as: ‘you gate-crashed my birthday party, called me Julie and spilled red wine down my top’ in a slurry Northern drawl that Mel B would be proud of, are long forgotten. Because she looks hot in a catsuit.

Somehow, we seem to be shocked at the current hype surrounding EL James’s Fifty Shades of Grey, as if we momentarily forgot the age-old wisdom that sex most certainly does sell.

In her defence, Hathaway cannot play the twee, girl-next-door forever. It is definitely about time she broke away from those roles before they define her career. Just imagine if Hugh Grant even thought about playing an action-hero.

No, he must remain forever more on our screens as that bumbling English man who sells books and who constantly falls in love.

In The Dark Knight Rises, Hathaway plays a more mature version of Catwoman’s alter-ego, as the uber feminist, femme-fatale and con-artist, Selina Kyle. Not only is she the first female villain in Nolan’s Batman trilogy, she is a real-life sex-kitten-come-cat-burglar.

Clad in a fitted leather catsuit, so tight that Olivia Newton John would be proud, Selina Kyle wraps the male characters around her little paw to climb the social ladder. She holds a delicate balance between self-preservation and combating social inequality as a modern day Robin Hood.

She purrs into Christian Bale’s ear kick-ass lines such as: ‘you’re going to wonder how you lived so large for so long and didn’t leave enough for the rest of us.’

So Anne Hathaway has made a concerted effort to ‘go sexy’, as she performs – with the help of her stunt double – mixed martial arts in a pair of killer heels. Her sultry performance as Catwoman has completely negated her embarrassing portrayal of Emma Morley.

She is now charming and elegant and demure and talented and sexy. She can now tick that off her list as she sheds her nice girl image on and off-screen in her new role.

Remember Anne Hathaway in One Day? Thought not.

CATTY: All down to the leather?

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