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A review of Simon Powell’s new film Girl Shaped Love Drug, and a few words from the man himself

In Film Reviews, Interviews, Leeds and Manchester Local News Contributions on December 22, 2012 at 4:48 pm

If a stranger walks up to you on the street, insisting that you share a connection – have been drawn together by fate, divine providence and the undulating restlessness of the stars in the swirling cosmos above you, you would think, this guy is a bit different. If this stranger then asks to take you out for a glass of wine, and he leads you to a supermarket kindly offering you the world and anything under £4.99, your provisional conclusion would be correct.

Girl Shaped Love Drug is a film that explores how coincidence brings two strangers together. But it is so much more than a gritty, urban fairytale. Simon Powell has created a quiet and tender love story that exposes the brutal scars of its characters as they fall victim to reality. The premise is simple: two strangers’ paths cross and they share a day together. It unlocks the secrets, misery and desires of a city and its inhabitants through the intertwined lives of Him and Her, the hedonist and the cynic. The fatalistic undercurrent is reminiscent of David Nicolls’s bestseller One Day; the love story that took over every beach, train and heart last summer. But in this one day, it is not so much what we learn about the characters, but what we don’t know about them that is so intriguing. Its beauty lies in the playful and naturalistic script, the unwritten words that instruct looks that linger too long, and eyes that have seen too much pain to trust. It is up to the audience to imagine the back stories of these characters. How did they get here? How did they escape? Why are they pretending to cope?

Him and Her

Him and Her

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