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Gabriella Swerling gets back into the groove with some good old-fashioned soul and rediscovers the wonders of musical makeovers…

“I told her this time I’m gone, it would never be the same. You feel left all alone – only you to blame,” growls Lee Fields. He takes one breath before allowing himself to remember and live through the painful mysteries which inspired such lyrics. But when he exhales, you’re right there with him. Riding the wave of electric woes that have grown louder to support his tuneful wailing: “Ohhhhhh woahhhhh paralyyyyzed, so paralyzed I can see it in your eyes. So hold me, ‘cos this is the end…” Read the rest of this entry »

Interview with Allen Stone: son of a preacher man converts to soul man – Notion Magazine

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What do you get if you cross a born-again atheist with the spirit of Stevie Wonder? 25-year-old Allen Stone, a blue-eyed gospel-soul singer-songwriter who’s set to become a big star in 2013.

Allen Stone isn’t happy with modern music, and he wants you to know it. “It’s just so cotton candy and cookie cutter,” the US soul singer says from behind tendrils of hippyish, wavy blonde hair. “It’s all about love and sex and clubs and it doesn’t really do anything – it doesn’t really inspire people or kids my age to do anything – besides go to the club and grind on each other.”

Stone is on a mission to put the meaning back into popular song, and is harking back to the birth of soul music for inspiration. “Back then, when somebody would write something in a song, people would listen to it – and it would mean something,” he declares. Inspired by the music born out of an America rocked by the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War, and an affinity with the children spawned by the groovy Woodstock era, Stone is taking on a music industry that he believes has lost its soul. And as he spreads the word, people are listening.

His 2011 single Unaware was a viral sensation and has racked up almost 2 million YouTube hits. The video, which was recorded in his mother’s living room, led to a string of US television performances, with many critics labelling him “one to watch”. True to his ethos, the lyrics of Unaware discuss the current economic climate: “Every day the deficit grows, you spend more than you own.” They reflect our generation’s struggles – the credit crunch victims condemned to toil through Dickensian hard times.

Despite admitting that the Unaware video “has helped me out immensely”, Stone is less interested in YouTube fame than he is in being “the best live performer that I can possibly be”. In a digital age where anyone with a laptop and an acoustic guitar can upload the seven-hundredth take of their four-chord, caterwauling ballad onto the internet, Stone refreshingly challenges the would-be popstars to “get on stage and hold an audience’s attention”. Read the rest of this entry »

Allen Stone at The Ruby Lounge, Manchester 22/11/12

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Review of this gig and Interview with Allen Stone coming soon!

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